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From the folks at Pod Save America and Crooked Media, Friends of The Pod is the ultimate digital community to get more of the news and political shows you love, connect with your favorite hosts and fellow listeners, and get well-researched, action-oriented guides to building a more progressive world.

*Contributions or gifts to Vote Save America PAC are not tax deductible. Vote Save America PAC is a federal political committee and a distinct entity from Crooked Media. All electoral work and fundraising for the program, including through Crooked Media services, is conducted and paid for by Vote Save America PAC. Your contribution will be deposited in Vote Save America PAC’s Contribution Account. Individuals and federal PACs may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year to Vote Save America PAC’s Contribution Account. Corporations, labor organizations, and other federally prohibited sources may not contribute to Vote Save America PAC’s Contribution Account. Federal law permits individuals, federal PACs, corporations, and labor unions to make unlimited contributions to Vote Save America PAC’s Non-Contribution Account. If you are interested in making a contribution to Vote Save America PAC’s Non-Contribution Account, please contact us at Contributions to Vote Save America PAC will be used at the sole discretion of Vote Save America PAC to support its programs and activities.

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